An Overland Park accident brain injury settlement is on the table. Whether the insurance company moved fast to make a settlement offer or whether you worked hard to get the insurance company to make you a settlement offer, you may now be wondering what to do. Do you accept the settlement and move on or is the settlement unfairly low and something that you should continue to negotiate?

Think About These Three Things Before You Give the Insurance Company an Answer

Before you call the insurance adjuster back or sign any papers, it is important to consider whether this settlement offer is really in your best interest. In order to make an educated decision about an Overland Park accident brain injury settlement offer, we encourage you to think about:

Your past expenses.

Think about all the expenses that you have already incurred including medical expenses, transportation costs, help around the house, car repairs, lost income and pain and suffering.

Your current needs.

Does the settlement offer compensate you for the things that your injuries are currently costing you such as lost income, medical expenses and other losses and damages?

Your future.

This is, perhaps, the hardest thing that you have to think about. You, of course, cannot accurately predict what your exact needs will be, when you will be able to return to work, and whether the proposed settlement is fair. However, your doctor can give you a prognosis and explain what your life is likely to be like and your Kansas City car accident lawyer can help you fight for fair damages.

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