When you stay at a hotel, you expect to have fun and to enjoy the amenities:  swimming pool, sauna, room service, etc.  Hotels and motels are supposed to be about comfortable accommodations, relaxation and enjoying your vacation or business trip.  However, if hotel or motel property owners do not sufficiently maintain their building and the surrounding area, guests can sustain serious injuries.  A slip or fall on a wet floor or a trip on a loose carpet can turn a much anticipated vacation into a nightmare.
When you slip, trip, or fall, you may not think about who is at fault.  Many of us automatically attribute slips and falls to our own klutziness.  However, if a fall and injury could have been prevented with proper maintenance, then it was not your fault! For example, if you trip and fall on a step in a stairwell with burnt out light bulbs, your injury is not your fault.  Hotels have a duty to keep stairwells safe and well-lit.
Other examples of Kansas City hotel premises liability claims include:
• Slips on wet floors
• Slips on icy sidewalks
• Slips in showers or bathrooms because there is no non-skid mat
• Falls due to faulty handrails, broken stairs, and uneven surfaces
• Falls off of stairs, balconies and platforms
• Injuries due to hotel renovations
• Hotel swimming pool accidents and poolside injuries
• Assaults
• Injuries caused by insufficient lighting in hotels and hotel restaurants, bars, and parking structures
• Burn injuries from scalding coffee or hot bathroom water
• Injuries in guestrooms and bathrooms

If you are injured at a hotel or motel, try to take a picture of the scene.  This picture will protect your claim if the hotel repairs the conditions that led to your accident after you are injured.  In addition, be sure to have your injuries evaluated by a physician.

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