It is not uncommon for a St. Joseph, MO auto accident victim to complain of headaches.  The paperwork, insurance claims, medical visits and car repairs after a Missouri car accident are enough to give anyone a headache.  But, if you are experiencing recurring headaches after a Missouri car crash, there's a good chance that the headache is injury related.  When the trauma of an accident causes an injury that leads to headache, the headache is called a post traumatic headache.  
Post traumatic headaches first occur in the weeks after an accident and can last several months.  
Causes of Post Traumatic Headaches

Post traumatic headaches include migraine headaches.  You can learn more about accident-related migraines in our library article, "Are You Suffering Migraines After A Missouri Car Accident? Contact A Lee's Summit, MO Auto Accident Lawyer."
Treatment for post traumatic headaches will depend on type of headache and on the cause, but can include medication and physical therapy.  If your headaches last longer than four to six weeks or increase in severity, your doctor may refer you to a neurologist or other specialist.
Headaches are more than a pain head; severe headaches can have a debilitating influence on your life.  Long lasting headaches can affect your work, your relationships and your psychological wellbeing.

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