From the moment you announce your pregnancy people begin telling you what a great parent you will make and how important you are to your child. Now, more than a decade and half later, you are sure that is true but you may be wondering about your continuing influence over your child’s decisions. Can you, for example, prevent your child from texting and driving? Can you prevent your child from being hurt in a Kansas City distracted driving accident and needing a St Joseph, MO auto accident lawyer?


You Can Still Make a Difference in the Life of Your Child


In fact, your actions may save the life of your child. A recent State Farm Insurance survey found that:


  • 57% of teens with driver’s licenses admit to texting and driving.
  • Teens still believe that drunk driving is more dangerous than distracted driving.
  • Studies and statistics do not seem to have an impact on teenage behavior behind the wheel.


Despite these sobering statistics, the survey also found that parent influence and action does have an impact on whether teens text and drive. The survey results indicated that 82% of the teens who do not text and drive report having regular talks with their parents about the dangers of distracted driving. Yet only 22% of parents report talking to their teens about the dangers of distracted driving after their teens get their licenses. In order to be effective, parents need to teach teens about the dangers of distracted driving on an ongoing basis and not just before the teen becomes licensed.

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