If you have been seriously injured in a Missouri car accident, hiring a St. Joseph, MO auto accident lawyer is a wise decision.  A study by the Insurance Resource Council found that injury victims who use an attorney received an average of 3.5 times more money in settlements than injury victims who don’t use a lawyer.  But, what should you expect from your attorney?
These are things you can expect from your lawyer:
1.  Your attorney should communicate with you. Your attorney should ask you questions about your accident and he should educate you about personal injury claims.
2. Your attorney should review your insurance policy.  He should look at both your health insurance and car insurance policies and health insurance policies to see what coverage is available for you.  He should see if your medical insurance will pay some of your bills and if you will have to pay it back.
3. Your attorney should estimate the cost of the accident and how much the case is worth, including future costs.  He can do this by gathering your medical bills and monitoring your medical treatment.
4. Your attorney should contact the insurance company and set up your claim.
5. Your attorney should attempt to negotiate your claim with the insurance company.
6. Your attorney should be able and willing to file a lawsuit if that is necessary to get you a fair insurance settlement.
7. Your attorney should keep you updated on any progress or changes in your case.
8. Your attorney should gather the necessary information and evidence to support your claim, including: police reports, medical records, bills, pay-stubs, witness interviews, photographs, and professional opinions.
9. Your attorney should determine if there are any legal problems that may affect your case; for example, he should know if you might be considered partially at fault.
10. Your attorney should help you prepare if your case must go to trial.
11. Your attorney fill out all the paperwork required for a trial a do the preparation necessary to make a good presentation in court. He should bring documents and evidence and support your case to the best of his ability.
12. The attorney should look at whether there are any liens on your case that will require full payment at the time of the settlement.

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