Pelvic fractures are life-threatening Missouri auto accident injuries. Our Gladstone, MO auto accident lawyers have provided answers to frequently asked questions about pelvic fractures.

What is a pelvic fracture?
The pelvis is located above the legs at the base of the spine. It includes the hip bones, sacrum (a triangular bone at the base of the spine), and the coccyx (the tail bone). The hip bone is actually made up of three bones that are fused together in adults to form a ring-like structure. The bones are the ilium, ischium, and pubis. A pelvic fracture refers to a break in any one or more of the bones of the pelvis.

How do pelvic fractures occur?
Because their bones are weak, the elderly are at risk of suffering a broken pelvis in a slip and fall. Sometimes pelvic fractures can occur in sports accidents; however, the most serious pelvic injuries are caused by car crashes. The bone-crushing forces experienced in a Missouri car accident can cause life-threatening pelvic fractures, even in young people with strong bones.

What are the symptoms of a broken pelvis?
A broken pelvis is a very painful injury. It will be difficult or impossible to walk. The pelvis may be bruised or swollen. There is often internal bleeding. The pelvis protects many essential organs, including those of the digestive system, reproductive system and urinary system. When these organs are damaged by a pelvic fracture, the victim may go into shock. If internal injuries are not treated immediately, the Missouri accident victim could die.

How is a broken pelvis diagnosed?
Doctors use x-rays to diagnose pelvic fractures. If a fracture is present, a CT scan may be performed to determine the extent of internal injury.

How is a broken pelvis treated?
Any broken bone must be stabilized in order to heal. A pelvic fracture can be stabilized with a device called an external fixator. This device keeps the pelvis in place while doctors treat any internal injuries and surgically repair the bones.

Once the bones have healed, the accident victim will require extensive physical therapy to regain mobility in the lower body. However, nerve damage and internal organ injury may prevent the accident victim from being able to return to normal activities. Many accident victims suffer impaired mobility, even after reaching maximum recovery.

Will I get fair insurance compensation for my pelvic injury?
If you have sustained a fractured pelvis in a Gladstone car accident, you might find it difficult to get full compensation for your injury. Unfortunately, insurance companies are more likely to fairly compensate an accident victim with minor injuries than a seriously injured person. This is because serious injuries are more costly. Fair compensation would include coverage of your medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability and more. Your best chance of getting a fair settlement is to hire a Gladstone, MO auto accident lawyer.
Your Missouri auto injury attorney will be able to determine the value of your claim, find sources of compensation, and document your losses.

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