When driving through a busy  intersection in Kansas City, do you slow down to ensure traffic has stopped to allow you to pass unharmed? Many people don’t realize how dangerous intersections can be if just one driver is speeding or is distracted and doesn’t see the red light or stop sign ahead.

Side impact collisions, commonly called T-bone collisions, occur when the side of a vehicle is struck by the front end of another vehicle. About 70% of these types of accidents happen at intersections when a driver fails to yield.

T-bone accidents often result in serious injury, especially to the person on the side of the car that gets struck. Common injuries of side impact accidents include: spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury and internal injuries. About 26% of all fatal accidents in the United States are side impact collisions and nearly 9,000 people die in this type of accident.

Many times when a vehicle is struck on one side, the car is left spinning out of control. Occasionally, a car may roll over or hit a third vehicle. Luckily, side air bags are common in later model vehicles but can only do so much to protect passengers. Side air bags deploy on initial impact but offer little to no protection in any impact that could occur after.

Tips for Passing Through a Busy Kansas City Intersection

  • Slow down before entering the intersection. If traffic on both sides hasn't stopped, proceed with extra caution.
  • When the light turns green, wait an extra few seconds to ensure that another car hasn't tried to out run a red light.
  • When the light turns yellow, slow down. Trying to out run a red light can put you and others in danger and could cause you to get a ticket.
  • Be sure to come to a complete stop when turning right on red. Make sure that oncoming traffic has cleared before proceeding.

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