Anyone who’s spent an hour in Kansas traffic knows how infuriating a backup on I-635 can be. You grit your teeth and shift in your seat, relieved when traffic finally starts moving, and feel a pang of guilt when you see smoke rising over the hill. You may be late, but at least you’re going to make it home tonight—unlike those poor people being taken away in an ambulance, or the truck driver who struck them.

It’s a terrible thought, but truck accidents are a constant threat on the highways surrounding Kansas City. You probably pass semis with care, fully aware that a heavy load at high speed is the equivalent of being shot with a cannonball. But if you’ve witnessed a tanker truck accident on I-635, you’ve seen that cannonball turn into a bomb, threatening smaller vehicles for miles around.

Tanker Trucks Are Particularly Deadly to Other Drivers

  • Explosions – Tanker trucks can carry any number of liquids, from milk and water, to gasoline and ethanol. If the truck driver runs off the road or takes a turn too quickly, the tank may roll and compress—resulting in an explosion that can engulf cars in front of and behind the disaster.
  • Fire – Even if a truck carrying hazardous materials does not explode, it may still spill fuel onto the roadway and ignite, causing flames to rise several feet high and burn for hours.
  • Road spills – A non-combustible liquid spilling onto the roadway is still a dangerous hydroplaning hazard for drivers following behind at high speeds, increasing the likelihood of a pileup accident as several cars lose traction and careen out of control.
  • Respiratory dangers – If the material is hazardous, it may cause respiratory damage when it is released from the truck onto the road. Many accident scenes have been evacuated due to danger of inhalation as hazmat teams were called in to clean up the spill.

In these kinds of accidents, it is rare that only one person will suffer an injury. Several vehicles may be involved in the crash, and each can get compensation from the trucker, or the transport company, for medical bills and lost wages. 

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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