In many ways, a taxi cab accident claim will proceed the same way as any other crash case. You can file claims with your own insurance company, the taxi driver’s insurance company, the insurer of the driver of another car, or even all three.

However, there are a few things that can significantly affect your claim if you are riding as a passenger in a taxi cab that is involved with a collision with another car. For instance:

  • Liability. Passengers in car accidents have a significant advantage over other car accident victims, since they do not have to prove that they were not at fault in the crash. All of the drivers involved in the accident could potentially be liable for the costs of the accident, and it is up to insurance companies and your attorney to determine whose negligence caused the crash.
  • Fault or no-fault? Kansas is a no-fault car insurance state, which means that you would file a claim with your own insurance company to pay for minor injuries. However, Missouri is NOT a no-fault state, so all drivers in Missouri are required to carry auto insurance up to a $50,000 liability limit for medical bills and lost earnings for anyone who was involved in the crash.
  • Other passengers. The more passengers riding in the cab, the more injury claims will be made—and this can quickly drain the amount of available insurance coverage. If multiple passengers are seriously injured, the total value of all of the injury claims may exceed the available insurance, leaving you to choose between settling for less than the costs of your injuries or taking the driver and cab company to court.
  • Insurance disputes. If both the cab driver and the driver of the other vehicle are at fault for the crash, you can collect payment from both insurance companies. However, if another person was injured in the crash, the insurance companies may attempt to lowball their settlements in an attempt to get the other insurance company to pay more of the accident costs. For example, if both you and the driver of the other car are injured, the separate insurance companies could each be liable for half of your injury costs. But if the cab company’s insurer will not pay policy limits, you have to make up the difference with the other insurer (who will likely refuse to pay more). In most cases, passengers will either have to accept a reduced settlement or file a suit to get full payment from the insurers.

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