Summer break during a teen's high school years is supposed to be the most fun, carefree time in their life. However, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is also the deadliest. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds and summer is especially dangerous. Many traffic accident experts call this period the 100 Deadly Days of Summer.

Experts believe that more teen traffic fatalities occur during this period because teens have more free time, more opportunity to drive at night, and less parental supervision. Also, inexperienced drivers are much more likely to be involved in car accidents than more seasoned drivers. In fact, a study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention found that almost half of the car crashes involving teen drivers were caused by driver errors.

What can you do to protect your teen during the 100 deadly days of summer?

  • Talk about the responsible driving habits that he or she is forming. Reinforce good driving habits when you ride in the car with them.
  •  Ask your teen to sign an “It Can Wait” pledge. Remind them of the dangers of distracted driving including texting.
  • Encourage your teen to get where they are going before it gets dark outside.
  • Monitor their driving habits. Ask your teen to drive home and note their driving habits. By monitoring teens' driving behavior in a supportive way and setting rules, parents can lower their teens' crash risk by half.

Remember, teens will follow your lead. Don’t set a bad example by speeding, texting, or driving aggressively. We here at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys want all drivers to be safe on the road this summer. Safe driving practices and common sense can prevent a fatal Kansa City car accident. Contact us if you or a family member has been injured in an accident caused by another driver. We want to help you if you’re suffering because of the fault of another drive. Request a free copy of our book, “Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim,” or call us at 816-471-5111 to schedule a free consultation.

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