Chapter 13:
In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, unlike Chapter 7, you set up a repayment plan to reorganize and help you repay your debts. Remaining debts, once you complete the 3 – 5 year repayment plan, are discharged. 

Benefits of Filing Chapter 13

1.       In Missouri and Kansas, Chapter 13 can stop foreclosure allowing you to protect your house with a reorganization plan.

2.       Chapter 13 can reduce interest rates for vehicle loans and secured debts.

3.       Chapter 13 allows you to keep your property and other items not protected under Chapter 7

4.       Priority debts under Chapter 13 will be fully paid under the plan.  This includes mortgages, taxes, and vehicle arrearage.  If you are in arrears on these debts, Chapter 13 can protect you from creditors foreclosing or repossessing your vehicle.

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Are You Considering Filing For Bankruptcy?

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