Here are the steps required when filing Chapter 7 with your attorney:
1.    Initial Consultation to determine if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you.  If it is determined that this is in your best interest, we will begin the process.  At that point we will collect financial information as well as information regarding your assets and your debts.  We will prepare your case and answer all questions you may have as we move forward in the process.
2.    We will collect all necessary documents and fill out the forms.  We will review the bankruptcy Petition before signing and review the schedules.  Prior to filing, it will be necessary per the bankruptcy code, to complete the short financial class online.  Once completed, your case will be ready to file.
3.    After we have filed your case, you will have two obligations.  1.  Additional Courses you are required to complete -  Financial Management.  2.  Attend the 341 Meeting of creditors.  This hearing generally takes place 1 month from the filing date.
4.    Your creditors will be invited to attend the 341 meeting, although it is rare when the creditors actually attend.  Once you have completed the two obligations above and if there are no objections by the Court, a discharge of your Chapter 7 case will follow the 341 meeting in two to three months.
NOTE: Filing a Chapter 13 in the beginning is similar to a Ch 7 but since it is a repayment plan, it is more complex and the process varies depending on your particular situation. 

Are You Considering Filing For Bankruptcy?

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