In order to effectively prevent car accidents we need to know what is really causing them. While drunk driving and distracted driving are still common causes of car crashes, the public awareness campaigns about these types of dangers have arguably had an effect on the number of serious crashes, related injuries, and deaths in recent years.

The Same Is Not True for Drugged Driving

A recent study found that drugged driving in general, and driving under the influence of marijuana more specifically, is an increasing danger on our roads. The study, conducted by Columbia University Researchers and published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology found that:

  • There has been an increased in drugged driving traffic deaths over the past decade.
  • Marijuana related traffic deaths have tripled over the past decade.
  • Approximately one in nine drivers involved in a fatal crash tests positive for marijuana.
  • Marijuana use while driving is increasing for all age groups and both genders.
  • If this trend continues, in five or six years marijuana will be the substance most common in fatal crashes—even more common than alcohol.
  • The number of alcohol related traffic deaths did not change significantly over the same decade when drugged driving deaths increased.

While the study is not specific to Kansas City car crashes involving marijuana, there is no reason to believe that our region is exempt from the national trends identified by the researchers.

Has Someone You Love Been Hurt in a Kansas City Car Crash Involving Marijuana?

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