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The Dangers of I-70 Runaway Tractor-trailer Crashes

Runaway tractor-trailer accidents don’t happen very often. Yet, the potential consequences of an accident in which the trailer of a truck separates from the big-rig are severe. In May 2013, seven people were killed when a trailer broke away from a big-rig in central New York. The runaway trailer hit a minivan, killing a 24-year-old man, his fiancé, their friends, and their friends’ children.

What Causes Runaway Trailers and Resulting Accidents

There is often little time to get out of the way if you are traveling near a tractor-trailer when a trailer comes away from the rest of the truck. You may have nowhere to go, and the impact of the collision can be significant and deadly.

While runaway tractor-trailer accidents are rare compared to other types of large truck crashes, they do occur, as evidenced in the recent New York accident. Some of the possible reasons for runaway trailer accidents include:

  • Negligence in attaching the trailer to the truck. If everything is not attached correctly, then the trailer may become loose during travel and result in a crash.
  • Mechanical failures. If there is a defect in the parts that securely attach the tractor to the truck, then the trailer may become loose, possibly causing an accident.

You may not be able to prevent a serious injury or fatality from occurring if you are traveling near a truck that loses its trailer. However, you can control what you do next.

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