Your accident was not a simple rear-end accident or intersection collision with only two vehicles involved. Instead, there were multiple vehicles involved in your crash. This, understandably, makes the investigation of your accident different and, in some cases, more complicated. However, it does not mean that your recovery will be, or should be, affected.

What to Expect while Your Chain-reaction Crash Is Investigated

Often, the first part of your investigation is going to be conducted by the police officers who respond to your accident. The officers should complete a police report that details their understanding of what happened at the time of the crash. The police report, however, is only the beginning of the investigation. The rest of the investigation may be completed by the Kansas City accident lawyers hired by those hurt in the accident and the experts suggested by those lawyers.

Our Kansas City chain-reaction car accident lawyers will work hard to get to the truth about why you were hurt. To that end, we will investigate the actions of all of the drivers involved to determine if one or more of the drivers was negligent. We may gather this information using different discovery tools such as interrogatories, depositions, and/or requests for production of documents. We may also work with an accident reconstructionist, doctor, or other expert to find out what really happened in your crash.

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