There are certain things that may be forever etched in your memory after an I-435 motorcycle accident. There may be moments that you will never forget. These are moments that are important to talk about with your Kansas City personal injury attorney. They are moments that could have a significant impact on your financial and legal recoveries.

The Top Three Unforgettable Moments

While you may have many memories of your accident and resulting treatment and recovery, there are three specific moments that may have the most significance. In many cases, those moments include:

  • The moment of impact. You may or may not remember the collision. However, it was right then that your accident injuries began and your life was changed.
  • The moment you learn about your diagnosis. This may be a moment that is difficult to forget. As you listen to your doctor explain your injuries, your diagnosis and your prognosis, the course of your life may shift again.
  • The moment you learn of your legal recovery. This is another life changing moment. As you learn of a proposed settlement and decide whether or not to take it, or as you listen to the courtroom verdict, you may be anticipating your future with this recovery.

Your Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer wants to hear all about the moment of impact and the moment you learned of your diagnosis because these things will have a significant influence on your possible recovery. Additionally, your lawyer will help you prepare for the third important moment: when you learn of your legal recovery.

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