In an accident involving a large commercial truck, victims are more likely to suffer severe injuries. One tragically common injury is a traumatic brain injury. This March, as we recognize Brain Injury Awareness Month, we take a look at why crashes with big rigs are more likely to cause a traumatic brain injury. Approximately 1.7 million people sustain a brain injury each year, many as a result of a traffic accident. These injuries often leave victims facing expensive medical bills, lost income, and significant pain and suffering. Unfortunately, when a traffic accident involves a large truck, the chance of a brain injury is substantial.

Why Large Trucks Are More Likely to Cause Big Injuries After a Crash

Crashes with semi-trucks are more likely to lead to severe injuries because the trucks are

  • Simply much larger than other vehicles. As a result, the force of impact in the event of a crash is that much more extreme.
  • Often carrying extremely heavy or dangerous cargo. Examples may include logs, machinery, or construction materials. In addition, the cargo may be hazardous. It could be flammable, explosive, poisonous, or radioactive. If an accident occurs involving a large truck, this cargo increases the chance of a large injury.
  • Dangerous even when the trailer is empty. The lack of weight in the trailer could cause it to sway violently due to a turn or a gust of wind. The trailer may be difficult or impossible to control, resulting in substantial damage in the event of a crash.
  • More difficult to control. If the driver encounters an unexpected turn in the roadway, poor weather conditions, or roadway debris, it is much more difficult to take evasive action. Large trucks take longer to stop, require more space to make turns, and are more difficult to keep on a steady and straight course.

In addition to the physical attributes of large trucks that increase the likelihood of suffering a severe injury in the event of a crash, there are other aspects of these accidents that can prove difficult for victims. In many cases, semi-truck accidents involve multiple parties and defendants. These parties may include insurance companies, truck drivers, and trucking companies. With so much at stake after a crash, it is crucial that you take the proper actions after an accident. 

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