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Keep Your Teen Driver Safe: A Warrensburg, MO Auto Accident Lawyer’s Teen Driving Contract

If your teen is a new driver, a teen driving contract can help your child develop good driving habits and avoid dangerous driving practices.  The Warrensburg, MO auto accident lawyers at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys offer this sample contract to share with your teen.  Feel free to modify the contract to suit your needs.
Sample Teen Driving Contract

I __________________________, agree to the terms of this contract which allows me the privilege of driving my own car or any family vehicles.  I understand violation of this agreement will result in my driving privilege being forfeited.

1. I will inform my parents about where I am driving, when I plan to return, and will call if I will be late coming home.
2. I will carry my cell phone in case of an emergency, but I will not make calls, answer any calls, text, or browse the internet on my cell phone while driving.
3. I will wear a seat belt whenever I driving or a passenger in a motor vehicle.  I will require my passengers to wear a seat belt.
4. I will not drink and drive, or use drugs and drive, and I will not have any alcohol or illegal drugs in the car at any time.
5. I will not exceed the posted speed limit and I will obey all traffic laws.
6. If I receive a ticket for speeding or a traffic violation, I agree to pay for the ticket and pay the difference in the insurance premium for as long as the premium is in effect.
7. If I cause an accident, I agree to pay for any damages that I incur that are not covered by insurance.  I will be responsible for all deductibles.
8. For the first six months, I will not drive with my friends or siblings in the car unless an adult is present.  After the first six months, I will not transport more than two  passengers in the car and will not drive the car until all passengers have buckled up. 
9. I will keep the car that I drive clean both inside and out.
10. I will pay for the gas that I use and for oil changes and regular maintenance requirements.

11. I agree to pay for car insurance.
12. My curfew for night driving is 10:00 p.m.
I have read the above agreement and do sign this in accordance with the rules.

Signed by Teen and Parents on the specific date.


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