You can’t count the number of times you’ve seen semi-trucks weaving in and out of lanes, tailgating slower drivers, or braking so late they barely avoid a truck crash. You wonder how so many of these truckers can take their duties behind the wheel so lightly. Don’t drivers have to go through a rigorous training program before they can receive a license to drive a big rig?

While many truckers are responsible professionals, there are a shocking number of drivers on the highway who have had little to no training—and a license that is nothing more than a piece of paper.

Truck Drivers With Fraudulent Licenses Are a Major Problem on U.S. Roads

In order to obtain a commercial driving license, truckers must submit to a lengthy state licensing process that includes written exams and on-road skills testing. Unfortunately, many drivers choose to illegally skip these qualifications with false licenses—putting all drivers and pedestrians around them at risk.

How do these truckers get on the road without proper qualifications? False licensing can happen in a number of ways, including:

  • False credentials. There are many different levels of certification for a truck driver to obtain a license—from testing and road hours to medical evaluations—and false information at any level can contribute to an invalid license. In a recent case, a chiropractor was arrested after issuing over 600 phony medical cards to truck drivers that were used to get certified commercial driver’s licenses. 
  • Fraudulent exams. Truckers must take road skills tests in order to obtain a license. Truckers who may not otherwise pass their tests may bribe examiners to falsify results in order to avoid failure or retesting.
  • Fake licenses. Some truckers do not use fake credentials to get a valid license, but simply purchase a counterfeit commercial license. Licensing fraud is a problem in many states and authorities estimate that thousands of truck drivers in the U.S. are outright fakes.

How Can You Tell If a Trucker Has a Fake Commercial License?

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for a victim to discover if the trucker who hit them as driving with a fake commercial license. The driver will likely be unwilling to cooperate with your investigation, and the trucking company will not release information that may be incriminating to them.

The best way to find out your trucker’s license status is to have an attorney investigate the accident on your behalf. We can request copies of all company documents, including licenses and trucker driving logs, and ensure that these records are not lost or destroyed during your injury recovery. If the driver is unlicensed, both he and the parent trucking company may be held liable for your medical care, loss of income, wrecked vehicle replacement, and any permanent injuries your accident has caused.

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