You probably prepare for a long trip differently than you prepare for a trip to the grocery store, pharmacy, or post office. When you get ready for a long trip, you likely make sure that your car is ready, that you have enough gas, that you have enough time to get where you are going, and that you are wearing your seat belt.

While few of us apply that much attention to detail to running local errands, there is one thing that you don’t want to forget to do—wear a seat belt. Even if you are just running down the block or driving a short distance in Odessa, wearing a seat belt is too important to overlook.

Recent Data Shows We Are Less Likely to Buckle Up Locally

Recent information published in the journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention found that:

  • Most driving is done locally. In other words, we spend more time running errands and commuting than we do taking long car trips.
  • Most accidents occur locally. This makes sense, since most driving is done locally.
  • Drivers are less likely to use seat belts on local roads. People who report using seat belts only sometimes are more likely to use their seat belts on long trips. However, they may be significantly increasing their risks of being injured in a local accident if they fail to wear their seat belts on local roads.

While the seat belt driving study was small, the lesson is big: a seat belt could protect you from injury or death every time you get behind the wheel, not just when you are traveling on the interstate or highway.

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