You’ve been down this road before, even if the details are different. Your first motorcycle accident may have occurred on a local road like College Boulevard in Leawood and this accident may have occurred on a major interstate like I-70 in Kansas City. The injuries that you suffered in your first motorcycle accident may have already been treated. Your diagnoses may have been different. The extent of your injuries may have been different and the actions you took after your first crash may be different than the actions that you need to take now.

Your First Accident May Be Relevant to Your Second Accident

While the facts of your first accident may not be relevant to your second accident, the injuries that you sustained in any prior motorcycle accidents may be relevant to your current accident recovery. Any other pre-existing conditions that you had at the time of your crash may also be relevant.

Here’s Why

You are only going to be able to recover damages in this accident case for the injuries that you sustained in this accident. Accordingly, you need to know just how much of the pain you are suffering and the symptoms you are experiencing were caused by the negligence of the driver who caused your most recent motorcycle accident. It is this amount of pain and these symptoms that you may be compensated for in a motorcycle accident injury case.

Determining causation and fighting for fair damages can be difficult if you’ve already been hurt in a previous crash—but it is not impossible. Instead, you need to know how to protect your rights and you need to get the help that you need to make sure that your accident recovery is fair.

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