The sad truth is that motorcyclists are far more likely to be injured in an accident than passengers restrained in cars. The steel cage of the vehicle and airbags can help drivers stay conscious and alert after a crash, while motorcyclists may not be awake until days after the event.

What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

While bikers cannot overcome the disadvantage of being unprotected in a crash, there are many things they can do to protect both their lives and livelihood if they are involved in an accident. All too often, motorcyclists are blamed for causing a crash, adding insult to serious bodily injury. Our attorneys have compiled a few tips to help motorcyclists get back on their feet starting the moment after a crash occurs.

If you are conscious after your motorcycle accident, take these actions immediately at the scene:

  • Call 911. The police and emergency medical response should be called to any accident scene where a motorcyclist has left his bike. The police can help by taking valuable witness statements, and the ambulance will give you the medical attention you require.
  • Ask for witnesses. If you can move, get the names and contact information of the driver involved in your accident, as well as any other drivers who saw the crash occur. These witnesses not only help you establish fault in your case, but also help when filing an insurance claim, since many companies require that your bike make contact with another vehicle to qualify for coverage.
  • Take pictures. If you have your cell phone available, take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, the other driver’s vehicle, and any other factors that could be used as evidence. If you cannot get up and walk around, take a short video of the scene using your phone, making sure to get a clear shot of the other driver’s license plate so you can locate him later.
  • Give your statement. If you are conscious when the investigating police officer arrives, give him the facts of your case and avoid any language of blame. Don’t apologize or attempt to take responsibility if you did nothing wrong, and don’t accuse the other driver of anything beyond his actions. Make sure you tell the officer about the other people present who may be willing to give witness statements.

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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