It seems like the natural next step after the accident. An insurance adjuster calls you, seems sympathetic, and offers to help you get a fair settlement for the brain injury that you suffered in a Route 150 accident in Missouri. Everything that the insurance adjuster is telling you may be true. He may be sympathetic and may want to settle your accident case quickly. However, that does not mean that it will be done fairly.

Know This Before Talking to the Insurance Company

Before you begin talking to the insurance company it is important to know the following things that the insurance adjuster may not tell you:

You and the insurance company do not have the same goals.

You want a fair recovery for the brain injury that you have suffered and the insurance company wants to maximize its profits by paying you as little as possible.

The insurance adjuster is looking out for himself and his employer

Not you!

You don’t have to speak directly with the insurance company.

You have the right to hire a lawyer to do it for you.

Anything that you say to the insurance company can later be used against you.

This is not a criminal case and there is no protection against self-incrimination.

Once you agree to a settlement, you are unlikely to recover more money later.

The terms of the settlement will likely prevent future recoveries from this defendant and insurer.

In other words, you are entering an important negotiation with an adverse party and the results of your negotiations could have a profound impact on your future.

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