The injury that you feared most has happened. You have hurt your back in a Kansas City construction accident. While you were lucky enough to avoid a spinal cord injury that could’ve ended your life or resulted in permanent paralysis, your life has still been significantly changed by your back injury. What will your future be like? What steps can you take to protect your future?

What Your Life May be Like After a Kansas City Construction Accident Back Injury

After you have hurt your back in a construction accident you may be:

  • Unable to work.
  • Living in a hospital, rehabilitation facility, or at home with help.
  • Confined to bed.
  • Attending many medical and/or rehabilitation appointments.
  • Unable to do the things you once enjoyed.

How long this period of your life lasts depends on the severity of your injury. In some cases, you may be able to return to your old job. However, in other cases you may not be able to work in construction again. In the most severe cases, you may not be able to work again in any job.

Yet, the rest of your life does not need to be lived out in physical pain, emotional suffering and financial loss. Instead, you may be able to take advantage of:

  • Rehabilitation therapies to help you recover as much as possible.
  • Vocational training to help you find work in other fields.
  • Other support services that can help you redefine your future and lead the best life possible given your new circumstances.

Injured In A Kansas City Area Construction Accident?

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