Sometimes it is easy to point to the cause of a serious Raytown motorcycle accident. Accident witnesses and the police may quickly conclude, for example, that the car driver was drunk or that the truck driver was texting. While distracted driving and drunk driving cause some serious motorcycle accidents, there may be another important cause of vehicles pulling out in front of motorcycles and that cause may be significantly harder to prevent.

New Study Finds Failed Human Judgment Common Cause of Motorcycle Wrecks

A recent study published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science found that many cases of cars pulling out in front of motorcycles may not be caused by simple carelessness. Instead, researchers believe that the error may often be made because of the way the human brain perceives objects. More specifically, the human brain may be unable to effectively calculate a motorcyclist’s distance and speed because of the relatively small size of the motorcycle compared to other vehicles on the road.

These findings do not change the fact that car drivers may be at fault for pulling out in front of motorcycle drivers and causing serious accidents. Car drivers should allow extra time and space to account for a possible error in judgment of distance or speed. The findings of the study could, however, be important for further research and education about preventing motorcycle wrecks.

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