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Idle Construction Equipment and Other Maintenance Problems That Cause Highway Accidents

You’re weren’t sure about the changes to the intersection where Route 50 meets Route 58. It took some getting used to—after all, the new J-turn is a first for Kansas City roadways—but it seems to be safer than crossing four high-speed highway lanes at once.

However, while the new layout may have reduced the risk of side-impact crashes, it may have created a perfect environment for new ones—especially if the construction equipment isn’t moved away from the site.

How Defective Highways or Poor Road Maintenance Affect Your Crash Claim

While road construction will always be necessary to improve damaged or inefficient roads, it is important to remember that designers have a duty to comply with federal safety standards when planning a roadway. This includes designing and installing proper signage, but also making sure sight lines remain clear and gradients do not prohibit all types of vehicles from stopping or making sudden maneuvers in traffic.

In addition to design standards, municipalities also have a duty to perform regular roadway maintenance to keep the highways safe. Snow and debris must be cleared from the roads, and sanding and resurfacing should be done to prevent pothole accidents. Some of the most common maintenance issues include:

  • Overgrown trees, grass or shrubbery blocking the view of the road
  • Snow or vandalism obscuring road signs
  • Damaged or missing traffic signals
  • Failure to warn about upcoming construction projects or remove equipment from a worksite
  • Damaged guardrails or equipment parked in the median
  • Structural problems with bridges and overpasses
  • Failure to adjust traffic signals after population increases

How Can We Prove That a Defective Road Caused Your Crash?

If roadway negligence was directly responsible for your accident, you are legally entitled to payment for your injury costs. However, you will have to clearly establish how the road defect caused your accident and which Missouri municipality is responsible for your suffering—and you will have to file a claim before the statute of limitations runs out.

Our attorneys can investigate the scene of your crash, determine who was at fault, and determine whether the road was compliant with all required safety regulations. Click the link on this page to provide us with a quick overview of your case, and we will tell you what steps to take next to get compensation.


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