There may be few things you use as often in your construction work as a ladder. For years you have gone up and down a ladder many times a day as you worked on various construction sites. You were never afraid, nor were you hurt. Until recently – when something happened and you fell from your ladder, suffering serious injuries that have you in physical pain and unable to work. Now what? How did this happen to you, and how will you continue to support your family?

Seven Common Causes of Construction Ladder Accidents

There are many reasons for Kansas City construction ladder accidents. If you have been hurt, you might think about whether your injury could have been caused by:

  • A broken ladder.
  • A ladder that was not properly set up.
  • Lack of safety equipment.
  • Lack of proper training.
  • Using the wrong size ladder for the project, causing you to have to overreach to complete your job.
  • Putting too much weight on the ladder.
  • Slippery substances being on the ladder (such as oil or mud).


The cause of your accident may be important for your legal recovery.

Injured In A Kansas City Area Construction Accident?

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