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What Makes Some I-49 Car Accident Brain Injuries Different Than Others?

All injuries are unique. The severity of your injury and the impact that injury has on your life depends on numerous factors such as the force with which you were hurt, your general health at the time of your injury, and where on your body you were hurt. While these factors are relevant to all injuries, the location of the injury is particularly important if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury in an I-49 car accident.

Which Lobe Was Injured?

Your doctors and rehabilitation therapists are going to be interested in which brain lobe(s) were injured in your accident so that they can better understand your injury and plan your treatment. The following brain lobes, for example, are responsible for the following bodily functions:

Frontal Lobe

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Organization
  • Speaking
  • Motor planning
  • Self-awareness of abilities and limitations
  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Emotions
  • Problem solving
  • Planning, anticipating and judging consequences

Parietal Lobe

  • Touch
  • Spatial perception
  • Visual perception
  • Identification of things such as size, shape and color

Occipital Lobe

  • Vision


  • Balance
  • Motor activity
  • Visual perception
  • Coordination

Brain Stem

  • Breathing
  • Consciousness and sleep cycles
  • Attention and concentration
  • Heart rate

Temporal Lobe

  • Memory
  • Understanding language
  • Sequencing
  • Hearing
  • Organization

Of course, your brain injury may span more than one lobe and your treatment and recovery should reflect your specific brain injuries. Doctors may also consider other things, such as whether you were hurt on the right or left side, when identifying the specific effects of your brain injury.

Call a Grandview Personal Injury Attorney if You’ve Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury

Regardless of which lobe was injured, you may need help with your financial recovery after an I-49 car accident traumatic brain injury. Please contact an experienced Grandview brain injury lawyer today at 888-348-2616 to schedule an initial consultation and we also welcome you to read our FREE Brain Injury Survivor’s Guide to learn more.

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