The United States Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, recently announced that he is making pedestrian safety one of his top priorities.


According to Secretary Foxx, pedestrian safety should be a national priority because:

  • Pedestrian fatalities rose by more than six percent in 2012 (the most current year for which complete statistics are available).
  • More than 4,700 pedestrians were killed in 2012. They accounted for 14 percent of all motor vehicle accident deaths.
  • The number of pedestrians who are injured in accidents is also rising.
  • This was the third consecutive year during which pedestrian fatalities increased.
  • The majority of pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas at non-intersections.
  • Many pedestrian deaths occur at night and involve alcohol.

The issue is personal for Secretary Foxx, as it may be for many families in the Kansas City area. At a Transportation Research Board luncheon in January 2014, Secretary Foxx spoke about the time that he was jogging at an intersection and was hit by a car.

Secretary Foxx Was Lucky, Were You?

Secretary Foxx survived his pedestrian accident without permanent debilitating injuries. However, not every pedestrian accident victim is as lucky. If you have been hit by a car in Kansas City or if you love someone who has, then you may know about the serious consequences of pedestrian accidents all too well. You may know firsthand about the physical pain, the emotional suffering, the lack of income, and the fear. You may know how an entire life can be changed forever, or worse, ended in an instant.

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