For many years we have known that the faster treatment can begin for emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, burn injuries and other medical emergencies the better the overall chances of recovery.  We are learning to add brain injuries to the list. 

For traumatic brain injury victims, the faster treatment can begin the better the long term outcome may be.  Brain injury victims suffer from a wide range of symptoms, from physical disabilities like balance and coordination issues to personality and emotional challenges.  For this reason, there is a wide range of brain injury treatments available.

In addition to rehabilitation and surgery, neuroplasticity is a new area of study that has the attention of researchers.  The term refers to the reconnection the brain makes between old tissue and new, undamaged tissue in an attempt to heal itself.  This is the new frontier of brain injury medicine, and as more is learned about the process it becomes clear that the earlier medical intervention can take place, the better the prognosis for the patient.  It is believed that this “brain rewiring” takes place very soon after the injury.  Scientists speculate that the first few months following an injury are the most critical times for healing.

The struggles many families of brain injury patients comes when the costs of the treatments and medical bills begin to add up.  

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