James Roswold"I chose you because James, he asked a lot of really good questions and he seemed like he knew the right questions to ask and would follow through on the problems I was having, he seemed to care about what happened to me. I needed help and James when he talked to me his questions and his tone of voice, everything that James said to me over the phone, it just made me feel comfortable and that I guess that translated into a comfortable feeling of partnership we had. He kept in contact with me all the time and told me what was going on, his guidance through the whole thing really helped me. 

James wasn't only concerned about getting the end result you know the paycheck at the end. He made sure that I was okay, he made sure I got all the right care, he genuinely seemed to care about my well being and my health. James was very hard working on my case. He went down every avenue and he explored all the options and he really cared about me as a customer, as a person, and it made a big difference. I wasn't just number to him or a paycheck to him. I think you made it a lot easier than it would have been had I definitely tried it by myself, but you know he took care of everything for me, I didn't want for anything, he took very good care of me. 

James kept me very informed I sent him several emails and I always got an answer from him right away, phone calls same thing, as far as the office staff, Diane was able to help me with questions I had if James wasn't available to speak or if I needed something faster than he could answer me, if he was at a meeting or whatever she went ahead and prepared everything for me. James asked a lot of the right questions that would pertain to my specific case. He really got to know me and all the different parameters of my case, so he went in very prepared I don't know how better to say that he definitely made sure he was prepared for anything that came up in my case.

He was very aggressive. I got copies of all the correspondence between him and the other side, and there was a lot of it, I mean he didn't just sit back and wait he was very aggressive. I was actually very pleased. I can't say that enough.

He greeted me by my name, you know my first name all the time, and I dropped in a few times unexpected and he made time to talk to me and to answer questions I had about my case. You know it seemed like an open door policy, I don't know if that's standard or not but it seemed like if I showed up there he would take a few minutes to talk to me, and I know he was a really busy man so that helped. 

He was very aggressive in the negotiation. When we negotiated the final outcome he was very calm and he knew what the next response was going to be, and back and forth you know he was very professional about it and he knew what was going on, you know where I didn't, and that helped a lot that I had confidence in that situation.

I would recommend him to anybody. I appreciated all the hard work that he did for me and I absolutely appreciate the end result we had, and the staff that he worked with at that time and I understand that a lot of it is the same, they were very friendly to me. I was in a very bad place emotionally and physically and they all made me feel very welcome.

My trust with James is 100%. I trusted him with my physical well being and my mental well being when we did our case together, and I feel like that was his number one goal, was to make sure that I was okay physically and mentally. When we first had our consultation he was very honest and very upfront, told me what to expect, all that. That was my first experience with a law firm and I didn't have any idea at all what to expect and he made me feel comfortable, and he knew where I was physically and mentally. 

My overall satisfaction with the firm and my experience was very good. It took time for me to understand the process and James tried his very hardest to help me understand the process, but like I said again before, my mental state back than was really bad and I didn't trust anybody and it took a lot for me to trust James, and he made it easy to trust him."

-- Robert S.

James Roswold
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James Roswold is a Kansas & Missouri personal injury, workers comp, and medical malpractice attorney.