In June 2012, the federal government announced a “Blueprint for Ending Distracting Driving.” The purpose of the blueprint is to address the problem of using handheld cell phones while driving in all parts of the United States. Now, a recent study from the University of Illinois has found that not all drivers may be safer with cellphone and driving bans

Would a Cell Phone Ban Work in Kansas City, Odessa, or Independence?

The University of Illinois study and the federal government suggest that cell phone bans in urban areas such as Kansas City, Odessa, and Independence may be helpful. Specifically, the University of Illinois study found that bans prohibiting the use of handheld cell phones while driving did decrease the rate of accidents in urban areas. According to the study, urban accidents decreased in the immediate aftermath of the initial ban and continued to remain lower years after the ban went into effect. Yet, cellphone bans in very rural areas did not seem to have the intended effect of decreasing distracted driving car accident rates. In rural areas, there was a slight increase in accidents for reasons that are not yet known. 

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