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Consumers in Blue Springs use hundreds of different products. For each product, there are often many varieties. No matter the variety, no matter the product, consumers have the right to expect that when they use, digest, or apply the product – that it will be safe. The sad reality is that many manufacturers of electronic products, car and truck parts, medications, baby products, and other products place a priority on their profits and not your safety. Products that are defective can cause serious injuries or death.

For more than 30 years, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys has been fighting for personal injury victims. When products fail, we file strict liability claims, negligence claims, and breach of warranty claims. We work with product safety experts and examine the recall registries to help show the product was defective and the type of defect. Our Blue Springs product liability lawyers also discuss your injuries with your physicians to show how the defective product caused your injuries and the full scope of trauma of your injuries. We handle all types of serious injuries and death cases. Call us now to assert your rights.

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What qualifies as a defective product?

There are many products that don’t function the way we’d like. What makes a product defective is when it doesn’t work the way the sellers claim it should, or consumers reasonably expect that it should. Generally, products of all types are considered defective if:

  • The design is faulty – such as when the manufacturers fail to anticipate all possible uses
  • The workmanship is faulty – such as when a manufacturer uses substandard parts
  • The instructions and marketing are not clear, are false, or fail to warn the consumer about reasonably likely dangers

You generally do not need to own the product in order to file a claim as long as you had a right to use the product. The defective product must be the proximate cause of your injuries.

How are product recalls investigated?

Different agencies keep databases of information about complaints made about defective products, the findings of their investigations, and the terms of any recalls.

Normally, if a product is recalled by a federal agency, the agency will inform the manufacturer who, in turn, will notify the purchasers of the product about the type of defect and the possible remedies. Manufacturers may also issue their own recall.

There is no requirement that the product that caused your harm or killed a loved one be subject to a recall. We regularly work with experts who can examine the product and determine whether the product was defective, and why it was defective.

What types of products are defective?

Almost any type of product can be dangerous. Some of the more common products that have resulted in recalls and product liability lawsuits include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle Defective parts may include electrical systems, hydraulic systems, fuel lines, tires, brakes, airbags, and seatbelts.
  • Electronic products. These products are usually dangerous because the user may be exposed to an electrical current that can cause electrocution, electrical burns, heart failure, and other harm. Examples include power tools and machinery.
  • Household products. Appliances such as heaters, toasters, ovens, stoves, washers, and dryers all may be defective due to electrical failures and chemical failures. Appliances that overheat can cause fires. Household furniture such as chairs, dressers, sofas, and beds can cause suffocation, falls, and other accidents. Children and seniors are especially prone to injuries from household appliances and products.
  • Cleaning products. Many household and business cleaning products contain dangerous toxins that can cause harm if the chemicals are inhaled or come into contact with the skin.
  • Medical devices. Many defective medical devices such as implants, vaginal mesh, and pacemakers have already been subject to class action product liability claims. These products can cause heart risks, infections, and many other health disorders.
  • Most drugs have some dangerous side effects especially if they’re mixed with other drugs. When drugs cause harm, you may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer. You may also have a medical malpractice claim against a doctor or pharmacist. Every drug should come with a list of dangerous side effects and dangerous interactions.
  • Children's products. Parents have the right to hold manufacturers accountable when defective cribs, toys, clothing, and other products cause harm.

What types of injuries do defective products cause in Blue Springs, Missouri?

The types of injuries that defective products can cause vary depending on the type of product and the type of defect. Our Blue Springs product liability lawyers handle all types of serious injuries including:

  • Vehicle injuries due to product defects include traumatic brain injuries, burns, spinal cord injuries, traumatic amputation, broken bones, and other personal injuries.
  • Defective electric products may be fatal. Survivors may have severe electrical burns and other injuries.
  • Defective medications can cause infections and create new disorders, such as heart or respiratory complications, allergic reactions, and death. Defective medications may also turn treatable conditions into untreatable conditions.

Other products can cause some of the injuries identified above and additional injuries such as back pain, nerve damage, internal organ damage, choking, skin disorders, and other medical problems. Our Blue Springs product liability attorneys work with your physicians to fully understand the type of injuries you have, why the defect caused your injuries, all your medical needs, and all your pain and suffering.

Who is responsible for defective product injuries and deaths in Blue Springs?

The starting point in most product liability cases in Missouri is to file a claim against the manufacturer. Other companies in the supply chain, such as the distributors and sellers, may also be liable. In some cases, a company that made repairs or changes to the product may also be liable.

After any accident due to a defective product happens, you should:

  • Be examined by a doctor, including an emergency room doctor if you suffer severe injuries.
  • Preserve the product so it can be examined.
  • Preserve any packaging, marketing materials, manuals, instructions, and warnings for the product.
  • Speak with our experienced product liability lawyers who will investigate your accident, prepare your case, and negotiate with the insurance companies.

How long do I have to file a product liability claim in Blue Springs?

Generally, personal injury claims including product liability claims must be filed within five years of the date of the accident. Wrongful death claims must be filed within three years of the date of the accident. Some exceptions may apply.

Don’t take any chances. Contact us immediately. We need to examine the product, review your injuries, speak with witnesses, and notify the insurance companies as soon as possible.

We’ll seek compensation for all your financial and personal damages including your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, property damage, and any complications. We’ll file a wrongful death claim if a loved one died.

Do you have a product liability lawyer near me?

Our Blue Springs office is located at 705 SW 10th Street, Suite 107. Our lawyers also meet clients at our other offices throughout Missouri and Kansas. If necessary, usually due to illness, we meet clients away from the office and through video conferences – by appointment.

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Product liability cases are incredibly complex. There are normally multiple theories of liability – strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty. There are often multiple defendants. Often, there are multiple plaintiffs especially if there was a recall. Our seasoned Blue Springs product liability attorney will guide you through these complexities. We’ll help you understand each phase of your case. We have a strong record of settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases. Contact Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys by calling our office or using our contact form to schedule a consultation today.

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