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Traumatic brain injuries are generally more catastrophic than other injuries. This is because, in addition to physical pain and emotional suffering, a traumatic brain injury often causes cognitive difficulties. Even moderate TBIs can be life-altering. A severe TBI can change your life forever. When your traumatic brain injury is due to the negligence or fault of others, you have the right to hold the individuals and companies that caused your TBI accountable.

The Blue Springs traumatic brain injury attorneys of Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys have been fighting for personal injury victims for more than 30 years. We are skilled at showing how your accident happened, and who is responsible. We understand the consequences of traumatic brain injuries. We work with your doctors and our own network of TBI specialists to understand what medical care you need, the cost of that care, and all the challenges you will face.

In one case, we obtained a $3 million settlement for a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury when her vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. We also obtained a strong structured settlement for a worker who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. This client required treatment from multiple medical specialties and rehabilitation specialists – where the duration of the treatment and rehabilitation efforts lasted for over 3 years. To assert your right to compensation, contact our seasoned trial lawyers today.

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How often do traumatic injuries happen?

Traumatic brain injuries often cause hospitalizations and death. According to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), more than 223,000 people were hospitalized for a traumatic brain injury in 2019. In 2020, more than 64,000 people died from a TBI. This set of data doesn’t include TBIs where patients are seen in emergency rooms, by primary care doctors, in urgent care centers, or those that aren’t treated.

About 32 percent of TBI-related hospitalizations and 28 percent of TBI-related deaths involve people 75 and older. Males are twice as likely to be hospitalized and three times more likely to die than females. Children are also at high risk of TBI hospitalizations and deaths.

Survivors often need surgery and a lifetime of medical care with many different types of healthcare providers.

How are TBIs categorized?

According to Missouri University Health, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is due to sudden trauma to the brain such as when the head “suddenly and violently hits an object or when an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue.”

Brain injuries are categorized in different ways.

  • How the brain injury occurs. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, brain injuries may occur in one of two ways:
    • A closed brain injury. This TBI is caused by a “rapid forward or backward movement and shaking of the brain inside the bony skull that results in bruising and tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels.” Common causes include car accidents, falls, and sporting accidents.
    • A penetrating brain injury (also called an open head injury). This TBI occurs when there is a break in the skull. For example, when a bullet pierces the brain.
  • The timing of the brain damage. Traumatic brain injuries are also categorized as primary or secondary.
    • A primary brain injury is the injury at the time of impact.
    • A secondary brain injury “refers to the changes that evolve over a period of hours to days after the primary brain injury. It includes an entire series of steps or stages of cellular, chemical, tissue, or blood vessel changes in the brain that contribute to further destruction of brain tissue.”
  • The severity of the brain damage.
    • Mild
    • Moderate to severe

Why do Blue Springs residents suffer traumatic brain injuries?

Our Blue Springs personal injury lawyers file claims against the people and companies that caused your brain injuries. We work with investigators and many other people to show how the accident caused your brain injuries, and why the defendants should be accountable. Some of the many causes of TBIs in Blue Springs include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Unsafe premises
  • Defective products
  • Construction accidents
  • Recreational accidents
  • Workplace accidents

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

According to the Brain Injury Institute, some of the symptoms of a brain injury include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Changes in vision
  • Hearing problems
  • Pupils that are dilated or of unequal size
  • Dizziness and balance problems
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Being in a coma
  • A slow pulse
  • Weakness and paralysis
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Confusion, memory problems, and other cognitive difficulties
  • Inappropriate emotional responses
  • Difficulty speaking (slurred speech, difficulty swallowing)
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

Physical complications include seizures, fluid buildup in the brain, infections, blood vessel damage, frequent headaches, and vertigo. Other complications include intellectual problems and cognitive difficulties, executive function difficulties, such as the ability to plan and make decisions, communication problems such as difficulty speaking and difficulty understanding nonverbal signals, behavioral changes, emotional difficulties, and sensory problems. Severe complications include degenerative brain diseases.

What medical treatments do TBI victims in Blue Springs require?

A TBI is usually diagnosed through a series of questions that try to elicit responses from the patient. One common set of questions is called the Glasgow Coma Scale.

The treatments vary depending on the severity of the TBI. Medications include anti-seizure drugs, coma-inducing drugs, and diuretics. Surgery may be needed to minimize the damage. Common surgical concerns include removing any blood clots, repairing skull fractures, stopping any bleeding in the brain, and possibly draining “accumulated cerebrospinal fluid or creating a window in the skull that provides more room for swollen tissues.”

Many TBI accident victims require significant rehabilitation just to relearn basic skills. Victims often spend time in inpatient facilities and then receive care through outpatient services. Our Blue Springs attorneys review your full rehabilitation treatment needs. Many patients treat with the following healthcare and social professionals, after treatment by neurosurgeons and neurologists:

  • Physiatrists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Case managers
  • Recreational therapists
  • Vocational counselors

What is the value of my Blue Springs TBI case?

Every TBI victim’s case is different. Our Blue Springs TBI attorneys work with your doctors and our network of doctors, when necessary, to verify the severity of your injuries, the cost of your care, all the challenges you’ll face, and all the ways your life will be more difficult due to your TBI.

We see seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical bills – those incurred so far and future/lifetime expenses
  • Lost wages and permanent disability benefits
  • The cost of a caretaker
  • Your physical and emotional suffering
  • The loss of companionship for the family members
  • Any property losses
  • Punitive damages if applicable
  • Wrongful death damages if the traumatic brain injury proves fatal

Victims with a severe traumatic brain injury may need a permanent caretaker. For most families, taking care of their loved one is a permanent challenge. Part of the goal of obtaining a strong settlement or jury verdict is to help families provide the best and most loving care possible.

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Our Blue Springs TBI lawyers meet clients at our office located at 705 SW 10th St, Suite 107. Call for an appointment. We also have other offices throughout Missouri and Kansas. When TBI victims have difficulties coming to our office, we do make alternate arrangements.

Our lawyers understand the unique difficulties that TBI victims endure. We’ll answer all your questions and guide you through each phase of the litigation process.

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We handle the full range of accident cases, such as car accidents and construction accidents that cause TBIs. To discuss your rights to compensation, call Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys or fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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