Are psychological injuries covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Many tractor trailers are required to have underride guards in the United States. Underride guards are the primary source of protection for drivers and occupants in passenger cars who rear end tractor trailers. Without adequate underride protection, car drivers who rear end trucks are more likely to be injured and need a Kansas City truck accident attorney.

Study results released a year ago this month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) indicate that many underride guards on U.S. trucks fail. These failures may make Kansas City truck accident injuries more serious, and lead to more fatalities, than would occur with stronger underride guards. The IIHS made a request of the National Highway Transportation Safety  Administration (NHTSA) that stronger regulations be put into place in the United States. Current regulations do not require the underride system as a whole to be tested together which may result in underride systems that are not as safe as they can be and may result in needless injuries and deaths. In the year since the IIHS study has been released, no underride guard regulatory changes have been announced by the NHTSA.

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