Motorcycle Head and Neck Protection: What You Need to Know

You’ve ridden a motorcycle long enough to know the basic requirements. You make sure you renew your license and keep your bike insured. Whether you commute on I-635 every day or only get the bike out for weekend cruises, you’re required by law to wear a helmet. But what about the non-required elements of bodily protection? Can opting for some additional safety devices actually save your life?

How Motorcyclists in Missouri Can Choose Proper Head and Neck Protection

Before choosing additional safety measures, check your helmet. Make sure it is U.S. DOT-approved, does not have any damage or defects. It should fit snugly—all the way around your head—and should be securely fastened so that it does not move when you ride. After your helmet has been inspected, you should think about how the following safety gear could affect your rides:

  • Face shields. Depending on which type of helmet you have, you may already have a face shield to protect your eyes from wind, dust, rain, dirt, insects, and road debris kicked up by passing cars. It is important that a face shield be shatter-resistant, gives you a clear view ahead and to both sides, and allow air to pass beneath it to help reduce fogging problems.
  • Glasses or sunglasses. Goggles may provide eye protection, but they will be useless in shielding the rest of your face from debris—and glasses offer even less coverage. Both glasses and sunglasses should be worn underneath a face shield so that they do not blow off while riding. If you wear tinted eye protection, you should only use it during the daylight hours.
  • Neck braces. Neck braces may reduce the risk of clavicle injuries and spinal fractures. While they are not required gear to ride on Kansas City roads, many motocross riders and off-road racers swear by them. There are currently not enough studies to show whether neck braces make a difference in your level of injury, but it may be worth the investment if you ride often or take your bike down unpaved roads.

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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Whatever gear you choose, you should always make sure it is not a hindrance to you when you ride. Make sure your helmet, eyewear, and neckwear work together—and not against you—to keep you safe.