What to Expect During Your Motorcycle Road Skills Test

It was a clumsy beginning, but you’ve slowly started to get the hang of how your new motorcycle works—leaning into turns, when to brake, and how to idle at a stoplight without falling over. But buzzing along the back streets of your neighborhood is very different than traveling 50mph down I-70. Your mandatory road skills test is coming up, and you’re wondering if you have what it takes to handle normal—and hazardous—traffic situations.

What Will I Be Tested on in My Motorcycle Skills Test?

All riders who wish to obtain a motorcycle license will have to pass a certified Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program course. The motorcycle road skills test will examine your basic vehicle control as well as motorcycle accident avoidance skills. While the desired skills will vary depending on who is performing the test, all Missouri Skills Test administrators will focus on your ability to:

  • Choose a safe riding speed for each maneuver.
  • Safely accelerate, brake, and perform turns.
  • Choose the correct path through traffic and obstacles.
  • Stay within the boundaries of the roadway.
  • See and be seen by other road users.
  • Communicate with drivers and bikers around you.
  • Complete standard and sudden stops.
  • Adjust your speed and position according to traffic.
  • Complete normal and sudden turns.
  • Swerve quickly and safely to avoid sudden obstacles.
  • Make critical decisions without assistance.
  • Know the parts and requirements of your motorcycle.
  • Understand your riding limits.

In most cases, your on-motorcycle skill test must be performed on a standard two-wheeled motorcycle. If your primary vehicle is a three-wheeled vehicles or has a sidecar, you will likely have to pass a two-wheeled motorcycle exam as well as a skills test performed with your specific vehicle—as motor tricycles and sidecar vehicles handle differently that standard bikes. Otherwise, certain restrictions (sidecar or three-wheeled vehicle only) may be added until you have successfully completed a two-wheel motorcycle test.

Your road skills test is only one portion of the mandatory motorcycle licensing requirements. You must also pass a written test in order to obtain your learner’s permit.

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