Losing a Limb in a Car or Truck Accident

Losing a Limb in a Car or Truck AccidentUnfortunately, car and truck accidents happen all too often, and when they do, they often leave victims seriously injured. Sometimes, those injuries are scrapes and bruises; other times, it’s broken bones and lacerations. Then there are times when the injuries are so severe that it may lead to a loss of a limb entirely. Traumatic amputations happen every year due to car accidents, whether the limb is severed at the scene of the accident, or later at the hospital where the limb must be removed for the well-being of the patient, these injuries affect the victim for the rest of their lives. Not only are these victims physically harmed forever, but financially and emotionally as well.

Amputation statistics in America

Amputations are devastating injuries, both physically and mentally. The Hanger Clinic states nationwide, there are around 185,000 amputations annually; and that by the year 2050, there will be 3.6 million people living with limb loss.

Amputations via trauma, such as car and truck accidents, make up about 45 percent of amputees; that’s nearly half of all amputations in the United States. When drivers don’t follow the rules of the road, everyone is at risk of being involved in an accident. A serious car accident can change your life forever, and leave you with long-lasting trauma.

What types of accidents can cause amputations?

If you end up in a fender-bender or some guy took off your side-mirror when he passed too close to you, you’re not likely to end up with an injury severe enough to warrant an amputation. Traumatic amputation injuries tend to come from severe accidents such as:

  • T-bone accidents
  • Head-on crashes
  • Intersection accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Multi-vehicle collisions
  • Rollover crashes
  • Turning accidents
  • Truck accidents

Accidents such as these can occur for many reasons, including:

When you are on the road, it is important to drive defensively and cautiously, as we cannot always predict what the other vehicles around us are going to do.

What are the complications of traumatic amputations?

When you lose a limb, your entire life will change. You may end up losing work and an income, need to adjust to a prosthetic (if you can afford one), and spend lots of money on medical treatments. It is not uncommon that complications can occur as well.

A car or truck accident amputation can be complicated by the following:

  • Phantom limb. 50% to 80% of amputees experience some form of phantom limb pain. The term refers to a feeling of pain or discomfort in the limb that was amputated. Someone who lost their leg may report feeling pain in that leg, even though that leg has been amputated. The sensation causes people to feel like the limb is still attached to them.
  • According to an article from the National Library of Medicine, “amputation stump infection is common and may necessitate re-amputation, potentially exposing a vulnerable patient to further serious complications.” Infection can lead to further illness that may even be life-threatening.
  • Mental health. After you have lost a limb, everyday tasks that used to be simple become difficult and take more time to perform. Not only that, but amputation can affect the way you see yourself and how you feel about your self-image. The mere memory and trauma of the accident that caused your amputation may leave you with emotional scars: “Clinical research shows 30% of amputees experience depression and another 30% have PTSD.”
  • Muscle weakness. Losing a limb may cause you to use other muscles less. For instance, if you lose a leg, you may walk around less often. Muscles that aren’t used as much during recovery may become weak, and will need to be trained to be strong again through physical therapy.

There are also cases where a surgeon may mistakenly remove a limb, or remove the wrong limb. These instances are medical malpractice, and a Kansas City medical malpractice lawyer can help.

How can a Kansas City amputation injury lawyer help?

Perhaps someone was distracted by their cell phone just as they entered an intersection, or an inebriated driver swerved on their drive home from the bar. When you are in an accident with a car or truck, and the resulting injuries are so severe that you end up losing a limb, then you need help. The pain and suffering alone are more than you should have to handle, but you have to consider the hospital costs, the cost of any physical and emotional therapy, the cost of a prosthetic or wheelchair, and the emotional and mental cost of it all. It is unfair to expect you to have to pay so much because of someone else’s negligence.

That’s where Kansas City accident Injury Attorneys comes in. We have represented victims of catastrophic injury before in settlement negotiations, and have fought for them in jury trials. We use your medical records to show the extent of your injury, use the police report (when applicable) to show how it happened, and talk to your employer to discuss how your injury has affected your ability to work. We customize your case to suit YOUR needs and YOUR future, and we won’t back down when the insurance company tries to push a lowball settlement.

The other side is going to have lawyers to protect them; you deserve to have a partner in this fight, too. Let the dedicated team at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys help you. To schedule an appointment, call 816-471-5111 or fill out our contact form. We offer free consultation at our office in Kansas City, MO. We also maintain offices in Lee’s Summit, Parkville, and St. Joseph, MO and in Olathe and Overland Parks, KS.