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Riders of Kansas City Regional Transit, the local school buses, and many of the private bus lines that operate in and near Kansas City expect that the bus drivers will use extra caution because buses have many passengers. While bus accidents may not happen as much as car or truck accidents, when buses crash, the consequences are likely to be devastating. Victims are likely to suffer injuries that require long-term medical care and that cause a lifetime of pain. Multiple victims are likely to be injured or killed.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our personal injury lawyers are seasoned trial lawyers. That means we have the experience, skills, persuasive abilities, and record of success to fight for all personal injury victims including bus accident victims. We work with investigators, the police, state and local officials, and others to determine how the bus accident happened. Our team works with your doctors to understand the severity and full scope of your injuries. While we do settle many vehicle accident claims, we are always ready to try your case before a jury.

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How often do bus accidents happen?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that more than 230 people died in bus accidents in 2019. Some of the many reasons buses are dangerous are:

  • Many public and private buses don’t have seatbelts and airbags.
  • Buses are bigger, wider, and longer than passenger cars which makes it harder to control a bus.
  • Buses have blind spots.
  • Often, holding onto a strap or a pole doesn’t prevent injuries.
  • Buses are more likely to roll over than cars.
  • Passengers can be thrown into each other.
  • It can be hard to exit a bus after an accident.

Many bus routes are monotonous – the driver drives the same route repeatedly. Monotony can cause a loss of concentration.

Bus drivers also need a commercial driver’s license to operate their vehicles.

What laws regulate bus operation in Kansas City?

In Kansas City, the main types of buses are:

  • Municipal buses. Riders can use the public bus system called Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. KCATA “is a bi-state agency created by a compact between the States of Missouri and Kansas, and approved by the United States Congress.” KCATA “operates RideKC bus service, the MAX Bus Rapid Transit service, Flex demand-response routes, RideKC Freedom paratransit service for the elderly and persons with disabilities, and RideKC Van vanpool service.”
  • Private buses. There are numerous private bus companies that service Kansas City or bring people into and out of Kansas City.
  • School buses. Kansas City Public Schools provides bus transportation to students who live more than a quarter mile away from their school.

There are federal and state rules and regulations that govern bus operations. Private bus companies are generally classified as common carriers because they transport passengers for a fee. A common carrier owes the highest duty of care to its passengers, which is a key factor in holding companies liable when Kanas City bus accidents happen.

There are also special rules for the operation of school buses, the type of equipment the bus must have, how students should enter and exit the bus, and other rules of operation. The rules also govern how drivers near the school bus should operate their vehicles.

Our bus accident lawyers understand the laws and regulations that govern all categories of buses in Kansas City and Missouri. We also understand what regulations govern bus operation in Kansas.

Why do bus accidents happen in Kansas City?

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our lawyers work to show how the bus accident happened and why the defendants should be held responsible. Some of the many reasons bus accidents happen in Kansas City and nearby regions include:

  • Driver fatigue. Many bus drivers work long shifts often starting at the early hours of the day. Tired drivers are more likely to lose control of their buses and fail to respond safely to emergencies than rested drivers.
  • Driver distraction. Bus drivers can become distracted for many reasons. They may focus on passengers instead of traffic. Newer drivers may over-rely on GPS systems. Drivers who text while driving, use a smartphone while driving, or eat or drink while driving, are a danger to everyone on the road.
  • Traffic violations. Bus drivers should never speed, drive through stop signs, or violate any state traffic laws.
  • Driving under the influence. Bus drivers who are intoxicated endanger everyone on the bus and on the road.
  • Not using caution when passengers enter and leave the bus. Bus drivers should stop only at designated locations. They should follow the rules for ensuring the safety of anyone who enters or exits the bus.
  • Not understanding their blind spots. Buses, especially buses without side windows, have dangerous blind spots. Drivers need to be sure they can see all around their bus.
  • Failing to inspect and maintain the buses. Bus owners must conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks. Buses that need repairs should be taken out of service until the repairs are made.

Other drivers may be liable if they fail to understand when they must stop (such as when children are getting on or off the bus) and what steps they should take to ensure pedestrians aren’t hurt or killed. Other drivers may also be liable if they cause a bus accident for any reason.

A manufacturer may be liable for designing defective bus parts such as tires, seatbelts, or electrical systems that cause the bus accident.

Private schools, Kansas City, the Kansas City school system, and other organizations may be liable if they fail to vet their drivers by running background checks. The checks should examine the operator’s driving record and criminal records.

What are common bus accident injuries?

Our Kansas City bus accident lawyers fight for bus accident victims who have any of the following injuries:

We also help victims who need psychological help to cope with their injuries.

If a loved one tragically died due to a Kansas City bus accident, we file wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of the deceased.

Are there time limits for filing a bus accident claim?

Public transportation companies and school systems are generally required to prompt notice of a bus accident because they are governmental entities or agencies. Generally, the time for bus accident claims in Missouri is five years. The time limit is just two years for Kansas bus accident claims.

Don’t wait. When bus accidents happen, there are often multiple victims and multiple defendants. We may need to coordinate your claim with the claims of other victims. It’s optimal for your case to speak to everyone who knows about the accident or your injuries while their memories are fresh.

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We meet clients at our main office located at 510 Walnut, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO near the River Market area. Consultations with our personal injury clients are free. We also understand that getting to our office may be difficult for some people, and we can see clients away from the office and do have a video chat service by appointment.

We also maintain offices in Lee’s Summit, Parkville, and St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as in, Olathe, Overland Park, and the other Kansas City, KS.

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