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In an instant, your life can change due to negligence or incompetence. You leave home feeling great but instead of coming home, you’re waiting in the emergency room. Accidents happen for many reasons – a car crash, a truck accident, a motorcycle spill, a slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other incidents can quickly change your life.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we place our clients first. Personal injury cases are all we do. When injuries occur, know that our St. Joseph personal injury lawyers have the experience and resources to help you get justice. If a loved one dies, we’re there for you. Our “people first” law firm works aggressively to show how your accident occurred, and why the defendants are responsible. We fight to obtain all the compensation you deserve. For caring experienced advice, call us today.

Why our St. Joseph personal injury lawyers are the right choice

Personal injury litigation requires many things that only firms with experience can offer. The insurance companies and defense lawyers will do everything they can to deny responsibility. You need lawyers who know how to work with investigators, product safety experts, medical professionals, and others to show why your injuries occurred, and why the defendants should be held accountable.

The insurance companies will try to say you’re not hurting. Our seasoned St. Joseph personal injury lawyers work with your medical team and independent doctors to show what injuries you have, why long-term medical care is needed, and how your injuries are making your life difficult. Our respected trial lawyers also fight for families when a loved one tragically dies in an accident.

We’ve obtained a strong record of high-figure settlements and verdicts because of our dedication to detail, our persistence, our understanding of the law, and our ability to argue your case with adjusters and before juries.

For more than a quarter of a century, our lawyers have been dedicated to helping injury victims return to good health and helping families cope with the grief of the loss of a spouse, child, or parent. It’s our caring attitude that justifies our motto: "Where Accident Victims and Their Families Come FIRST."

By being selective about the cases we choose, you can rest assured you’ll be treated like family. Our lawyers meet with you, answer your questions, explain the claim process, and oversee all aspects of your case.

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What types of personal injury claims do your Buchanan and Andrew County lawyers handle?

Our personal injury attorneys in St. Joseph handle all types of injuries – catastrophic injuries, permanent injuries, chronic injuries, and injuries that heal with time.

We represent adult and child accident victims who have:

Empathetic representation for families of loved ones who die

They’re the hardest words to hear – “Your loved one just passed away.” Those words can hurt even more if the death was preventable. At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we understand how traumatic it is to learn someone you love so much died – when he or she shouldn’t have. We’re here to help you get through this most difficult time. When you’re ready, we explain your right to file a wrongful death claim. We explain your options, and how you can help protect your family from financial harm.

Our St. Joseph wrongful death attorneys work to get you and your family all the compensation Missouri law permits including payment of funeral bills, compensation for your financial losses due to the premature death, and compensation for the loss of love, support, and guidance your loved one would have provided each family member. We have achieved strong results for families including a $1 million verdict under the Federal Tort Claims Act – the biggest verdict ever issued at the time. Let us help you and your family.

Who can you hold liable for St. Joseph car, truck, and motorcycle accidents?

I-29, I-229, the Pony Express Highway, and the other routes, roads, and avenues in St. Joseph can get pretty crowded. Even when few drivers are on the road, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, in 2019, there were 819 fatal crashes and nearly 38,000 crashes that caused a personal injury.

There are many different types of vehicle accidents such as broadsides, head-on crashes, sideswipes, intersection accidents, and rear-end collisions. Trucks may jackknife, roll over, or spill their cargo. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by car drivers who fail to respect the motorcycle rider’s right to be on the road. Common causes include driver distraction, drunk driving, speeding, and driver fatigue.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we don’t stop with the driver. There are many other defendants who may be responsible including the owners of the vehicles, trucking companies, parts manufacturers, the state, and others. Construction companies may be liable for truck accidents.

Our legal team investigates the scene of the accident, speaks with the police, and with all witnesses – starting with you. To learn if you have a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident case, call us. We represent anyone injured in a vehicle accident in or near St. Joseph or anywhere in Missouri or Kansas.


How does premises liability work?

In St. Joseph, all businesses that provide a service or sell a product have a duty of care to their customers and visitors to ensure the safety of their property. Homeowners who invite guests into their homes, or know that neighbors will walk on their sidewalk, also a owe a duty of care to these people.

Our lawyers file a premises liability claim for anyone who slips and falls, is attacked due to negligent security, or is bitten by a dog. We also file property liability claims if the owners were negligent in other ways.

Caring representation for seniors who suffer nursing home abuse or neglect in Missouri

Most nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in and near St. Joseph strive to provide quality care to the seniors who use their facilities. Sadly, not every senior in every care facility is treated with the respect and dignity he or she deserves. Some seniors are physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially abused. Some facilities don’t take the necessary steps to vet their staff and to design their facilities with seniors in mind.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our nursing home abuse and negligence lawyers provide help when those in charge don’t. We explain the rights seniors have to privacy, to file complaints, and other rights. Our lawyers work with the local Long-Term Care Ombudsman and other senior advocates to help ensure the safety or your loved one.

If you see any signs of abuse or neglect, contact our St. Joseph nursing home lawyers today. We’ll explain what options the seniors and their families have. We work for St. Joseph residents, Missouri residents, and their families who live in and outside of Missouri.

Who is liable for St. Joseph construction accidents?

There are numerous requirements for construction work in St. Joseph. Construction companies need permits. They must comply with building codes. Construction companies also need to take steps to ensure the safety of their workers and anyone who may come near the construction work.

The company owners, architects, contractors, and engineers may be liable if they fail to warn drivers and pedestrians that construction work is taking place and is dangerous. Contractors may have the right to file a personal injury claim. Employees should have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim if they are injured.

Anyone who is injured by defective tools, machinery, or equipment can file a product liability against the manufacturer. Families can file a wrongful death claim if someone is in a construction accident.

If you suffered injuries or a loved one was killed in any type of St. Joseph construction accident, call our respected personal injury lawyers today.

Your right to workers’ compensation in St. Joseph, MO

Injured employees do have the right to seek medical and wage loss benefits if they are injured while doing their job. The state workers’ compensation laws provide that there is no requirement to prove the employer was negligent.

Employees can seek payment of all their medical expenses. They are also entitled to a proportion (about 2/3) of their wages while they are treating with their doctors. Employees may be entitled to additional wage benefits if they have a partial or full permanent disability. In some cases, workers may be entitled to additional compensation for scarring and disfigurement and for vocational training.

Contractors are generally not entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, they must file a personal injury claim. A lawyer from Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys can explain if you qualify as an employee or contractor, and what type of claim you can file. If our lawyers cannot help you, we recommend a trusted partner to help with your workers’ compensation claim.

Who is liable if a defective product causes injuries or death?

Customers and consumers of defective products have the right to file a product liability claim against the manufacturers of the product – if they can show the product defect was the cause of the injuries or death. We work with product safety experts to help show a vehicle part, an electronic product, a toy, or other products were defective. Products are considered defective if the design is defective, the workmanship is of poor quality, or the warnings/instructions were missing or wrong.

If a defective product caused you harm or the death of a loved one, contact our injury attorneys in St. Joseph to discuss your right to file a product liability claim.

Filing a medical malpractice claim in St. Joseph

Physicians, nurses, hospitals, and all healthcare providers who treat you owe you a duty of competent medical care. Our lawyers can explain if you have the right to file a lawsuit if there is a wrong diagnosis, a doctor operates on the wrong part of your body, you don’t get the correct medications, or other types of medical malpractice occur.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we work with physicians who are professionals in the same field of practice as the provider who treated you – to help show why your health provider was negligent. If you need corrective surgery, or you’re just suffering after your doctor treated you, contact us in St. Joseph to discuss whether you have a claim.

How much is my St. Joseph personal injury case worth?

Insurance adjusters and juries review many different factors before deciding how much your case is worth. It is our job to present all these factors in a clear and convincing manner. Experience is a critical part of any discussion of worth because the more details we can present, the more your case should be worth.

The one point you need to know most is that insurance companies are not your friend. Do NOT negotiate with them on your own. We understand all the ways insurance adjusters will try to lowball your claim.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we advocate for your right to:

  • Medical costs. Your ER treatment, hospital care, doctor visits, physical therapy, assistive devices, and medications can cost a fortune. The liable defendants should pay for all your medical care.
  • Lost income. Whether you work for a salary or have your own business, you are entitled to payment for all the money and benefits you lose because you cannot work.
  • Pain and suffering. Every injury comes with aches and pains. Every injury causes victims to have anxiety and fears. You have the right to compensation from liable defendants for all your pain and suffering – for the rest of your life.
  • Property damage. These days cars, trucks, and motorcycles can cost more than a year’s salary. If a vehicle accident damages your vehicle, you have the right to compensation for the damage.
  • Loss of consortium. Your spouse can file a loss of consortium claim because your injuries mean you can’t provide the same assistance, love, services, and intimacy that you did before the accident.

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Our St. Joseph office is located at 2501 Frederick Avenue Suite 100 by appointment. We also see clients throughout Missouri and Kansas.

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It’s critical that you speak with a strong experienced personal injury lawyer. At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our lawyers make sure all the correct defendants are held responsible. We understand all the small points that can add up to a large settlement or verdict. Our lawyers have earned the trust of former clients, adjusters, and other lawyers. To speak with a seasoned personal injury lawyer about your right to compensation, call us directly at 816-290-7621 or use our contact form. We handle accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

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