Car Accidents Often Caused by Missing or Damaged Road Signs

Many commuters are annoyed at other drivers’ lack of adherence to common road signs. How hard is it to not turn on a red, you might ask, when the sign at the intersection clearly says so?

But think for a moment what would happen if those signs were overlooked not by the drivers, but by the city. What if the “no left turn” sign at Broadway and Fifth Street was missing? What if the stop sign at Central and Seventh was obscured by a tree, or covered in snow? These tiny occurrences unfortunately happen every day—and can cause a driver who though he was following the rules of the road to suffer serious injuries.

Kansas City Crashes Caused by Lack of Road Signs and Other Oversights

Lack of proper signage is just one way a defective road or maintenance issue can directly cause road accidents. Here are a few more ways you could suffer a road defect crash:

Lack of warnings.

Signs are necessary for every danger to a driver, including uneven pavement, a sharp curve in the road, narrowed shoulders, steep drop-offs, and construction zones.


Road spills are not limited to oil or fuel. Construction crews may spill sand or gravel that can affect a driver’s traction, and uncleared leaves and snow can easily cause a vehicle to slide.

Roadway design.

Some roads and highways are inherently dangerous from the moment they are built. Crashes often occur as a result of a severe curve, steep drop, or a hill around a bend that compromises driver visibility.

Obscured (or failed) signals.

Road signs may easily become unreadable by weather conditions or vandalism, and traffic signals may succumb to power outages.

In many cases, the city, state, or federal government may be held liable for crash injuries because they did not protect the safety of the people on the road. If a road hazard has been reported, but not cleared or repaired in a reasonable amount of time, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. Click the link at the top of this page to find out how we have helped victims just like you, or read what to do next to protect your right to compensation in our free guide, Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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