Kansas City’s 20 most dangerous streets for car crashes

Interstate 435 may be the dangerous highway to drive in Kansas City, Missouri. In fact, according to a recently released list, more crashes occurred on I-435 at I-70 than any other site in the city. There were 107 crashes at this location in 2009. Eight of the top 20 crash sites in the city were located on I-435.
The list, which is posted on the blog of Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin, lists the top twenty crash sites in the city.  The sites are located throughout the city, but only include those within Kansas City, Mo city limits.
Police hope that posting the list will make the public more aware of dangers and help prevent future accidents. They suggest that people slow down, obey traffic laws, and be a little more careful in these areas.
Here’s the list:
1. I-435 and I-70: 107 crashes
2. I-435 and Front Street: 75 crashes
3. I-29 and Barry Road: 64 crashes
4. 75th Street and 71 Highway: 63 crashes
5. 5th Street and Broadway Avenue: 61 crashes
6. Gregory Boulevard and 71 Highway: 59 crashes
7. 152 Highway and Flintlock Road: 56 crashes
8. I-435 and Holmes Road: 56 crashes
9. I-435 and 23rd Street: 56 crashes
10. 55th Street and 71 Highway: 55 crashes
11. Bannister Road and 71 Highway: 53 crashes
12. I-435 and Wornall Road: 50 crashes
13. 71 Highway and Red Bridge Road: 47 crashes
14. I-35 and Front Street: 47 crashes
15. I-435 and 87th Street: 46 crashes
16. I-470 and Blue Ridge Cutoff: 46 crashes
17. 155th Street and 71 Highway: 46 crashes
18. I-25 and I-70: 42 crashes
19. I-435 and 71 Highway: 40 crashes
20. I-435 and Bannister Road: 39 crashes

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