People often associate car accidents with skeletal injuries, such as whiplash and broken bones. What many people don't realize is that blunt force trauma in a car accident can also cause injury to internal organs. Injury of internal organs can lead to serious—and possibly permanent—health complications. The kidney is a vital organ that is particularly vulnerable to damage from the trauma of a car accident.

Car Accidents Are the Leading Cause of Kidney Trauma

Every year, nearly 15,000 Americans suffer kidney damage due to blunt trauma. The leading cause of such trauma is car accidents. The kidneys are located on either side the lower back near the bottom of the ribs. This means they can be injured in a car crash, especially if there is also injury to the ribs or pelvis.

The kidneys clean waste out of the blood and maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body. The main symptom of kidney injury is blood in the urine. There may also be pain and abdominal bruising. Kidney damage can be accurately diagnosed with CT scans and ultrasounds. Early intervention can prevent many of the complications that can result from an injury to the kidneys. Treatment for a mild injury that is caught early may involve bed rest in the hospital with regular testing of blood and urine. The patient should be on the road to recovery within a week.

Once the patient returns home, he will need to be monitored for late bleeding and for the development of high blood pressure as a side effect of the kidney injury. However, if treatment is delayed or the kidney sustains serious damage, the kidneys may stop functioning correctly. If this happens, toxins can build up in the blood. The victim may be referred to a nephrologist, or kidney specialist, for specialized care. If the kidney is torn or separated from the blood supply, or if there is high blood loss, surgery may be necessary.

Complications from Kidney Injuries

The most common complications from a kidney injury are urinary leakage and delayed bleeding. If these occur, further medical treatment may be necessary. The most common long-term complications of kidney injury are high blood pressure, urinary leakage or delayed bleeding from the damage.

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