Unfortunately, many people have become used to the phrase “car accident.” Trucking companies in particular will capitalize on the notion that a crash is “just an accident,” because accidents imply that no one was at fault.

While no driver would intentionally cause a collision, truck drivers can be responsible for a crash if his actions directly resulted in the chain of events that ended with yourBad Truck Brakes injury. This is especially true if the driver claims that he had brake problems prior to the accident, as many trucking companies encourage dangerous practices such as:

  • Overloading – Trucks are only cleared to hold a certain amount of cargo, but overstuffing them will mean fewer gas and mileage costs for the company. Not only does overloading place an extra burden on the truck’s brakes, it makes it more likely that the semi will jackknife or roll over in a sudden stop.
  • Unhooking the front brakes – Some trucking companies will attempt to save wear and tear by using only the trailer breaks—deliberately cutting power to the front or cab brakes. This means that the semi will cover a greater distance when stopping, and makes it more likely that the back breaks will overheat.
  • Skipping pre-trip checks – Truckers are required to do a full systems check before setting out on each delivery. If the trucker is under pressure to make the delivery on time, he may only check gauges and neglect a physical inspection of the brake shoes and pads to check for worn or loose components.
  • Reusing old vehicles – Companies may not retire vehicles in their fleet until they are falling apart. A truck that has seen hundreds of hasty repairs is more likely to have problems—not just with one component, but a failure in a major system of the vehicle.

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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