As a biker, you’re probably not too worried about other motorcycles posing a threat to your safety on your daily rides. You know that if you’re going to be injured, it’s probably going to be the result of a driver veering in front of you or driving erratically in your path—and unfortunately, statistics will back you up.

Car-motorcycle crashes are the most common—and deadly—crashes for motorcycles riders nationwide. While they can happen anywhere, there are two particular types of accidents that seem to crop up over and over again:

Head-On Collisions Kill Motorcyclists on Highways

The majority of fatal accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles occurs when a car or truck strikes the motorcycle from the front. Head-on car-motorcycle collisions account for over half of all biker fatalities, and are particularly dangerous on roadways without a barrier in the median. Cars may cross into opposing traffic lanes at high speeds, causing a crash that will likely be deadly to the rider.

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns Can Be Lethal to Bikers on City Streets

While more fatalities occur on roads with higher speed limits, the single most dangerous traffic situation for motorcyclists is when cars around them make left-hand turns. Left-turn collisions are responsible for an overwhelming number of car-motorcycle crashes on city streets.

In most cases, the car that is turning will strike the motorcycle as it is going straight through an intersection, passing the car, or traveling in the car’s blind spot. Drivers may scan the intersection for other cars, but “pass over” smaller objects such as cyclists, pedestrians, and bikers. Oftentimes, the biker will travel at a similar speed as the car, making it likelier that they will collide.

Even if a car is found to be liable for causing your accident, the driver’s attorney may argue that you were riding recklessly. If the judge agrees, you may lose your right to compensation. il’s Advocate: A Biker’s Guide to Accidents & Injuries.

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