The range of products that may be subject to recall is diverse and, as Kansas City injury attorneys, we have unfortunately seen people hurt by many different kinds of products.


The United States Government has seven recall categories that you should know about. Some of these categories require explanation, while others are self-explanatory. Generally, products recalled are included in one of these groups:


  • Consumer products. The consumer products category is a broad grouping that includes things such as clothing, electronics, appliances, children’s products and household items.
  • Motor vehicles. Motor vehicles include not only cars and trucks but also children’s car seats and vehicle tires.
  • Medicine. The medicine category includes prescription drugs, vaccines, medical devices, veterinary products and other types of medical goods.
  • Environmental products. Environmental products may include things such as insecticides and vehicle emissions.
  • Other self-explanatory categories include food, boats, and cosmetics.


If you have been hurt by a defective product in any of these categories, then it is important to contact an experienced Kansas City product liability lawyer as soon as possible. Your Kansas City product injury attorney will investigate what happened to you, advise you of your rights, and fight hard for your fair and just recovery.


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