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Should I be worried if my rental car is a recalled vehicle?

Yes. No matter how long you need a vehicle, no matter how far you’ll be driving, no matter how long you’ve been renting cars from Avis on Burlington Street—you should always double-check to see if the rental car has been subject to any kind of recall.

Here’s why: one out of every four cars that has been recalled in the United States does not return to the dealer for repair or replacement. Some of these cars stay with their original owners, but millions more are sold in used car lots—eventually making their way into a rental car rotation.

How Can People Be Unaware That Vehicles Have Been Recalled?

In the past, recall notices have only been sent by mail—and even then, the schedule of mailing was somewhat irregular. Some automakers will now notify customers of recalls with phone calls, but few have adopted mobile technologies or other direct-to-customer routes in order to get at-risk consumers to bring their vehicles in for repair. However, earlier this year, recall mailings were modified to call attention to the letter, stating RECALL INFORMATION in large letters on the envelope.

Can I Check Online to See If I am Driving a Recalled Rental Vehicle?

Yes! Starting on August 14, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will provide a free online recall search. All you will need is the car’s 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN), located on several different parts of the car, including the driver’s side door hinge. Go to www.safercar.gov to check the status of your rental, and don’t forget to share this article on Facebook or via email to your friends and family who rent cars!

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