Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A dentist is a type of doctor. As a doctor, a dentist owes his or her patients a duty of care. If that duty of care is breached and the patient suffers harm as a result, then the dentist may have committed medical, or dental, malpractice in Kansas City.

There are many potential injuries that could result from dental malpractice. For example, a mouth injury could occur, an anesthesia error could be made, or a serious condition could go undiagnosed. Any of these scenarios could lead to significant harm to a patient and could lead a patient to contact an experienced Kansas City medical malpractice attorney. A Kansas City medical malpractice lawyer will investigate what happened and advise the injured party of his or her rights. Generally, the same standards apply to dentists as to other types of doctors. In other words, if the dentist did not act like a reasonable Kansas City dentist and harm resulted, then the dentist may be liable for that harm.

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