A June 2012 study published in Lancet concluded that the radiation from CT scans could increase the risk of cancer in children. Specifically, the study found that children who had 2 or 3 CT scans had triple the risk of developing brain cancer or leukemia when compared to children who did not have the same number of CT scans.

While parents are urged to remember that the chances of a child developing leukemia or brain cancer are still very rare, it is important to understand the risk and how to minimize the potential dangers from CT scan radiation.

For example, doctors may be able to use MRI, ultrasound or other technology instead of CT scans in some cases. This could significantly decrease the amount of radiation to which a child is exposed. If a doctor suggests a CT scan in a non-emergency situation, it might be important to ask some questions about whether there are other alternatives available to diagnose your child’s injury.

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