Because many people are taking advantage of the ease of online shopping, the number of packages and other goods being delivered to homes and businesses is increasing dramatically.

Fed Ex, United Parcel Service (UPS), and furniture and big box stores are just a few of the delivery trucks seen regularly on roads and highways in Kansas and Missouri. Unlike other commercial truck accidents, these collisions can occur right in your own neighborhood. Unfortunately, motorists, pedestrians, and bicycle riders injured in these wrecks can suffer catastrophic injuries.

Causes of Delivery Truck CollisionsDelivery truck accidents in KS and MO Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys

Delivery truck drivers are under constant pressure to quickly transport packages by the end of the work day. Some factors that increase the likelihood a driver will cause a truck accident include:


Operating a delivery truck or other commercial vehicles takes special skills, training, and licensing. When shipping companies fail to properly train their employees, there's a risk of driving errors caused by a lack of knowledge.

Backing Up and Stopping

Delivery truck drivers frequently must search for a destination address and when they find it, they can stop suddenly without notice or back up without checking for vehicles and people behind them.

Drowsy Driving 

Like many commercial operators, those on frequent delivery routes often drive long hours without a break. This can affect their reaction times, judgment, and other abilities.

Lack of Maintenance 

Delivery companies and drivers have a duty to regularly inspect and maintain their trucks. When they fail to do so, a component, such as the tires, brakes, or tires, could malfunction and cause the driver to lose control.

Improper Loading or Securing of Load 

If a truck is improperly loaded or overloaded, it can lead to a rollover accident, brake or tire failure, or a driver's loss of control. Unsecured loads can also make controlling a vehicle difficult, and can cause a multi-vehicle crash if the cargo shifts during transport.

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